Keener Weekend – 04/27/13

Geoff Larcom’s sister dated Iggy way before he was famous. From the WSJ, how “Reach Out and I’ll Be There” came to be.

If you loved Keener, you might have listened to WABC on the skywaves after dark. Here’s a montage of their PAMS/JAM jingles over the years.

How to use a record playerWe’re old enough to remember how to use a record player. But for those who never had one.. Here are some instructions.

Keener trivia: Remember Tim Tam and the Turn-Ons? They hit twice on the WKNR Music Guide with “Wait a Minute” and “Cheryl Ann”. But you might not know that there were once apartment buildings in Allen Park named “Tim Tam” and “Turn Ons”.

Greenfield Village (The Henry Ford) is open.. so it must be Spring.

Phil Collins and Martha Reeves on “Heatwave”. Shouts to Susan Whitall.

God Speed Richie Havens

And some cool Keener images backing up Reunion’s 1974 classic.

Apr 28th, 2013 | Posted in Keener
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