The Keener 13 Podcast – Summer of 69

Where were you in the Summer of 1969? If you listened to WKNR, you heard the eclectic mix of pop, rock and soul that was Keener’s late 60s trademark. We have some of each in this week’s podcast including Keener one-hits from Clarence Reid, Shannon, The Electric Indian, Duke Baxter and the Winstons. We remember the movies of that summer and Philip Nye covers Woodstock and Neal Armstrong’s first steps on the moon. Danny Mullins of St. Johns in Wyandotte was just 18 when he entered Keeners Motor City Music Search. We have a pristine recording of his performance along with tunes that Bob Seger and Savage Grace played at an outdoor Oakland Mall concert Keener sponsored 37 years ago. For you Woodward Dream Cruisers, we have details on how you can stick an authentic WKNR Bumper Magnet on your vehicle, and we count down the top 13 Keener hits for the week ending July 24th, 1969.

Hosted by Scott Westerman

Hear the show 31 minutes 30MB MP3

Jul 23rd, 2006 | Posted in Keener
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