Keener Uncut

What did Swingin Sweeney, Bob Green, J. Michael Wilson, Dick Purtain, Scott Regen and Bill Phillips sound like on the air?

You’ll find a ton of examples here at But few recordings exist of Keener Uncut, the jocks and the songs they played, without edits. Back in February of 2005, we put together 30 minutes of uncut WKNR, featuring all of the above noted Key Men of Music.

For those of us who lived it, the memories will come flooding back. For those who never knew about Keener, you’ll quickly see why even the songs at the bottom of the WKNR Music Guide sounded great.

Return with us now, to those thrilling days of yesteryear with this Keener Uncut Encore.

Listen to Keener Uncut 29mb mp3

Oct 27th, 2012 | Posted in Keener
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