Keener Podcast – 1/22/05

On this week’s Keener Podcast, as Scott struggles with laryngitis, Brian Ibbott talks about his Coverville Podcast, a program dedicated to cover versions of rock hits. Former Detroit DJ Tom Shannon announced his retirement this week and we cross the river to hear a 1976 aircheck from his days at CKLW. Rick Dees is the guest. In honor of Coverville, we play a Keener Double Shot, a song that appeard on the WKNR music guide at two different times, by two different artists. Jim Heddle plays a Bunny Sigler Keener cover. And author/journalist Susan Whitall joins us to talk radio, 60s and motown music.

The Link List
The Motor City Music Conference
Tom Shannon”s Career
The CKLW Line-Up through the years

Jan 22nd, 2005 | Posted in Keener
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