The Keener Podcast – Best of volume 3 – The Kennedy Assassination

On this best-of Keener podcast, we replay our November 20th, 2004 study of how radio reported the Kennedy Assassination. We begin with a rare logger tape from KLIF in Dallas. Keener fan and Kennedy scholar Jim Feliciano connected us with this one-of-a-kind historical record which can be heard in its entirety on the website. Rex Jones, Gary DeLaune, Joe Long and Gordon McLendon (yep, that Gordon McLendon – one of the fathers of Top 40 radio) described the rapidly unfolding events. Then we fast-forward one year later to the WKNR documentary about that day, produced by Bob Green and Philip Nye for WKNR News. It is said that television news came of age on that day, 41 years ago. But for many, radio was still a trusted source of timely, if not always accurate information. The Keener podcast is hosted by Scott Westerman, Curator of

Hear the show 31 minutes 10MB MP3

Nov 19th, 2005 | Posted in Keener
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