Shuffle Hack – Manage playlists without ITunes

Last time I complained about Apple’s ITunes podcast interface, the flames were hot and heavy. But if you’re like me, and want a way to listen to your stuff on an IPod Shuffle without having to mess with ITunes, check this out. Martin Fielder has done a terrific job creating a tiny python app that creates a Shuffle playlist by scanning the device for playable MP3 files. You can enable the Shuffle as a drive and drag and drop from your explorer (or designate a directory to easily integrate with Ipodder). Once click on the python file and a playlist is immediately created. The best thing.. your IPod library isn’t trashed if you try to plug it into a different machine. I’ve tested this on the desktop and laptop (both Windows) and it works great. Martin says it will work on Mac OSX and Linux as long as the free Python interpreter is installed. So I’m listening to Bob Baldori on the Keener Podcast and celebrating my freedom from the limitations and quirks of ITunes. Gotta love Sourceforge!

Aug 7th, 2005 | Posted in Keener
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