• Keener Weekend – 04/27/13

    Geoff Larcom’s sister dated Iggy way before he was famous. From the WSJ, how “Reach Out and I’ll Be There” came to be. If you loved Keener, you might have listened to WABC on the skywaves after dark. Here’s a montage of their PAMS/JAM jingles over the years. We’re old enough to remember how to […]

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  • Keener Weekend 4/13/13

    How did you spend your Saturday mornings growing up in the Keener era? For many of us, weekend TV was allowed. Roy Rodgers, Superman and the Lone Ranger mixed with cocoa puffs, sugar jets or sugar pops. (remember when “sugar” was a word that the cereal people put into the names of their products?) Keener […]

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  • This week in KeenerLand

    We’re remembering Annette Funicello this week. You might not know that our favorite Mousekateer sang what became one of the most recognizable TV theme songs of all time Here’s a classic Keener13 Podcast from January of 2005 with the back story and some rare audio clips from Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, juxtaposed with Harry Shearer’s […]

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  • Marvin Gaye and the Funk Brothers, Live

    .. on what would have been his 74th birthday. Happy Birthday from the team!

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