• Wayne Fontana

    Happy birthday to Glyn Geoffrey Ellis, born on this date, 28 October 1945, in Manchester, Lancashire. You know him as Wayne Fontana, a name that was inspired by Elvis’ drummer, D.J. Fontana. It was a coincidence that he was signed to Fontana Records. His biggest hit with his band The Mindbenders was “The Game Of […]

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  • Keener Uncut

    What did Swingin Sweeney, Bob Green, J. Michael Wilson, Dick Purtain, Scott Regen and Bill Phillips sound like on the air? You’ll find a ton of examples here at But few recordings exist of Keener Uncut, the jocks and the songs they played, without edits. Back in February of 2005, we put together 30 […]

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  • October, 1961

    In October of 1961, Keener’s predecessor, WKMH was playing, Del Shannon‘s “Runaway” and “Blue Moon” by The Marcels. West Side Story was premiering in New York. And Chico Marx, the oldest of the Marx Brothers, died at age 74. Across the pond on October 19, “The Beatmakers“, a Supergroup combination of The Beatles and Gerry and The […]

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