• Ellie Greenwich: the magic behind the music

    By Scott Westerman – Curator Once upon a time, there was a place where poets and composers gathered to create true magic. If you stepped inside the Brill Building during the Keener era, you were likely to hear a half dozen pianos playing at once. If you were a time traveler from the future, […]

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  • Philip Nye: Then and Now

    By Scott Westerman – Curator, WKNR was lucky to get Philip Nye. In 1963, the Ohio native already had a strong journalistic track record in his home state. But the allure of the Motor City and Knorr Broadcasting’s commitment to build a first rate news team brought him to Detroit. His eye for talent […]

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  • Happy 40th – Abbey Road

    Another sign that we in the Keener generation have put some significant mileage on our tires. The famous photo shoot for the cover of Abbey Road, one of our favorite Beatle albums, turns 40. The cover has been endlessly imitated and fans microscopic study of it’s supposed symbolism spurred more rumors of Paul McCartney’s death,

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  • Keener’s Westside Sister

    It was the winter of 1964 and an alchemy of music, talent and timing were coalescing in suburban Detroit to take a small 5000 watt station in Dearborn to the top of the Motor City radio ziggurat. WKNR had arrived. And Mrs. Knorr began to think about how Keener’s success might be duplicated across the […]

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  • Iggy Pop on Miami: ‘I was looking for an elegant coma’

    Embedded video from CNN Video Ann Arbor’s own punk prince (and WKNR FM mainstay) has adopted Miami. Here’s a tour, conducted by the man himself.

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  • Temps n Tops at DTE

    Otis Williams talks with Susan Whitall about tonight’s Temps n Tops show at the DTE center.

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  • Soupy Sales and those “Green Pieces of Paper”

    From 1993. The king of Detroit’s kids television tells the tale of the prank that got him suspended. It’s wonderful to hear that voice again.

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  • New in the Aircheck Archive

    In November of 1966, WKNR was still riding the wave as the dominant Top 40 radio station in the Motor City. It was a time when Keener bumper stickers were available at all Detroit area Sinclair stations, the film Endless Summer was playing at better theaters and listeners could win a 1967 Pontiac GTO. Stop […]

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