• Classic Ventures

    the Ventures remain the most popular instrumental act of all time and one of the most popular bands ever in Japan. They charted five times on Keener with tunes like “Slaughter on 10th Avenue”, “Secret Agent Man”, “Fugitive” and the classics “Walk, Don’t Run” and “Hawaii Five-0”. Many consider them a surf-rock band, but their […]

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  • Closing of the last mega buggy whip store

    By Scott Westerman “The closing of the last mega buggy whip store”. That’s the header of an email we received from our good friend John Kajander about the final days of the Virgin’s Mega-store in NYC. He included this link to Ben Sisario’s NYT story about the demise of the retail record business. We all […]

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  • First Look: Rock Band – Beatle Edition

    In case you don’t have a gamer in the house, Rock Band is still one of the hottest video games in town. And it was only a matter of time until Apple (Records) came on the scene with a Beatle version. It hits the stores on 09/09/09. We’ve played the game with the kids and […]

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  • The Faygo Kid

    We received some nice feedback from a Keenerfan who calls himself “The Faygo Kid”. Remember this? More great Detroit Kids Show memories here!

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  • Who were those guys??

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  • How Keener Rated in 1965

    By Scott Westerman From the Legend page at “..for WKNR, it was the right time, the right elements and the right place, and for an all-too-brief period it was Camelot.” Whenever I see the distinctive red, white and green logo from Bob Green Productions on a package, I know I’m in for a treat. […]

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  • Detroit Memories: Swingin Time on DVD, Detroit Birthdays & More

    By Eileen Trombley Glick Keener Correspondent at Swingin Time on DVD! Over the years, a number of folks have written to me asking about the Swingin’ Time shows. As luck would have it, L.A. resident Dave Fisher, Cass Tech ’63, who was a ‘regular’ on Swingin’ Time, taped six shows back then and has […]

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  • Internet Radio: Ready for Prime Time?

    By Scott Westerman We noted with interest Saul Hansell’s NYT piece entitled “The Ascendance of Internet Radio“. In it, he showcases the pricey Tivoli wifi radio boxes. They are but one of a growing number of Internet appliances that play music. I say play music, because the definition of Internet radio doesn’t necessarily comply with […]

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  • WKNR’s Sgt. Pepper Connection

    By Scott Westerman – Curator, To paraphrase the Cannon, “It was 42 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper blew the world away..” On June 2, 1967 Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released in the United States. The collection ranks as number 1 on the Rolling Stone list of all-time great albums. its spawned […]

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