• Detroit music youtube blitz

    By Susan Whitall – From her Blog at Happy news, the Rationals are playing a CD release party July 24 at the Magic Bag.

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  • Detroit’s Favorite Pitchmen

    The death of TV pitchman Billy Mays, jogged memories of some of the more notable on-sit sales people of the Keener era. Marilyn Turner was the weather person at WJBK when she began her run as the spokesmodel for Carpet Center. We remember her flying through the warehouse on a Persian rug. And who can […]

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  • Lost in the mix…Sky Saxon RIP

    By Susan Whitall – From her Blog at Everybody talks about celebrity deaths coming in threes — in this case it would be Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett then Michael Jackson — but it’s also a truism that many notable deaths get lost in the shuffle. Sky Saxon died Thursday as well, cause of death […]

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  • Michael Jackson’s place in the pantheon of our lives

    By Scott Westerman I was in Tucson yesterday when the cell phone beeped that Michael Jackson had suffered cardiac arrest. As the day progressed, and my team was jumping on a plane back to ABQ it became clear that a troubled life was over and that another page in rock n roll history had turned. […]

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  • First 45 and Favorite 45?

    Our post about the birthday of the LP elicited some great feedback on Facebook. I asked for the name of the first LP you ever bought. I got a lot of great answers, including one from Mike Smock, who said, “LP’s? how about 45’s? – CCR – Down on the Corner/Fortunate Son.” That spurred me […]

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  • Ed McMahon

    From 1974. The late great Carson sidekick (March 6, 1923 – June 23, 2009) at his second banana best. Johnny’s network was in a slump in the mid 70s. ABC was in it’s prime and Carson wasn’t afraid to take pot shots at his bosses… and the competition. The local NBC news team was was […]

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  • Mama is taking our Kodachrome away

    Kodak announces that it will no longer make it’s famed Kodachrome film. Let’s remember with Paul Simon.

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  • Happy Birthday to the LP!

    On June 21, 1948. Columbia Records revolutionized recorded music with the introduction of Long Play record albums. The LP was the brain child of a group of engineers, lead by Hungarian born inventor Peter Goldmark, who became obsessed with finding a way to cram more content onto the circular disks that were the current state […]

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  • Bobby Hebb

    Bobby Hebb’s one hit wonder, “Sunny” was entering it’s second week at number one on the WKNR Music Guide on this date in 1966. Only the second African American to perform on the Grand Ole Opry, Hebb was the son of blind musicians. His career began at age three when he teamed with his nine […]

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  • Music retail…will you miss it?

    By Susan Whitall – From her Blog at Everybody has a different memory, when it comes to buying music at a bricks and mortar store, and the closing of the Virgin mega store in New York, one of two Virgin mega stores left in the U.S. (the other, in Hollywood, is also about to […]

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