• Jerry Martin 1916-2008

    Jerry Martin, the longtime chief engineer for WKMH/WKNR/WNIC passed away on New Year’s Eve, two days after his 92nd birthday. Jerry began his career as a radio engineer in 1946, assisting in the construction of Keener’s predecessor, WKMH and holds the distinction of being the second employee hired by Fred Knorr at the station. His […]

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  • A Bill Drake Retrospective

    A gem from Saga’s Steve Goldstein: By now you have seen all of the salutes in the trades about Bill Drake and “Boss Radio.”  But what did it sound like?  Why did it win in market after market?  I asked our resident broadcast historian, Ed Brouder to assemble a little taste.  In addition to co-hosting […]

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  • Kennedy coverage 45 years later

    In 2004 we produced a podcast on radio’s coverage of the Kennedy assassination, including air checks from KLIF in Dallas and Keener’s documentary on the 1st anniversary of the event. By request, here’s a link to that podcast.

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