• Bob Berry’s This Week in Rock and Roll

    Not only is Bob Berry a Contact News special correspondent, he’s also a fellow Detroit radio, rock n roll and pop culture enthusiast. He knows of which he speaks with over three decades as a broadcaster, heard in Motown on CKLW and WDRQ. Great on-air talent is an endangered species in the era of voice […]

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  • Authentic WKNR Swingster Stickers

    Not sure exactly where or when these things were part of Keenerania, but Tim Caldwell got his hands on a bunch of them and was kind enough to supply us with one to scan for the archives. Want your own? You can write to him at Click the image to see a larger version.

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  • Yesterday and You

    WKNR’s Scott Regen had a unique relationship with Motown. Early on, Berry Gordy, Jr. recognized the power that Keener had to break new music and many of the Motown stars paid a visit to the Scott Regen show. As Levi Stubbs notes in this air check, the Four Tops were Burger Club members. But few […]

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  • Levi Stubbs – Tops at Motown

    By Scott Westerman – Curator – Keener13.comWhen you think of the great Motown male voices, Levi Stubbs stood alone. Few could emulate the plaintive wail of Edwin Starr, and while both David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks had solo careers, they are forever linked with the Temptations. Stubbs literally defined the Four Tops sound, so much […]

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  • Don’t sell your LPs

    By Scott Westerman – Curator – My first 45: Limbo Rock by Chubby Checker. My first LP: Shut Down Vol II by the Beach Boys. LPs who’s grooves I wore out with repeated play: Crosby, Stills & Nash, Blood, Sweat & Tears and Earth, Wind & Fire. The number of LPs and 45s in […]

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  • WKNR and the “death” of Paul McCartney

    On October 12, 1969, Keener killed Paul McCartney. Russ Gibb, working on WKNR-FM heard from an Eastern Michigan University student about a series of clues that seemed to point to Paul’s death. The story took on a life of its own, both on Keener and WKNR-FM and Russ received credit for elevating the tale to […]

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  • Jose’s Historic National Anthem during the ’68 World Series

    40 years ago, 23 year old Jose Feliciano sat before a public address microphone at Tiger Stadium. Detroit was playing in the World Series and Tiger broadcaster Ernie Harwell was assigned the job of selecting the talent to render The National Anthem. Jose followed Marvin Gaye, who sang a straight version after the Tigers directed […]

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  • The Soundtrack of Presidential Elections

    Bob Berry, Sunny 105’s exceptional afternoon guy, sent me this Starpulse article that wonders why the Republicans can’t get any good bands in their tent this election cycle. That took us back to the 1960 election when Ole Blue Eyes donated his pipes to help elect John F. Kennedy with this tune. As a bonus, […]

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  • Where You Gonna Go?

    Detroit Garage Band enthusiasts will be interested in?Cicadelic Records new “Where You Gonna Go” collection. Two of the best garage bands from Michigan, The Unrelated Segments whose “The Story Of My Life”has appeared on Rhino’s Nuggets box set and The Tidal Waves who scored a number one hit with “Farmer John” take center stage in […]

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