• Treasures

    What if someone called you one evening and offered a collection of thousands upon thousands of carefully preserved jingles from the golden age of?Top-40 radio? curator Scott Westerman tells the tale of how he came to own over 300 hours of 60s rock radio jingles, including every cut that ever played on WKNR.

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  • The Year-Enders

    The morgue. In the radio news biz, that’s the place where you save all the raw tape, the typed copy and the actualities that contributed to each daily newscast. At the end of each year, news departments would cull the highlights for a special broadcast retrospective of the year that was. From 1965 through 1970, […]

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  • Remembering Sounds Orchestral

    Of the instrumentals that populated the WKNR Music Guide, Sounds Orchestral was unique. They were the only British instrumental group to top the Keener charts. Unlike EMI’s Sounds Incorporated, they never toured with the Beatles and worked primarily from the studio. Their line up in 1965 included a 40 year old keyboard guy and a […]

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  • David Cassidy’s Broken Date

    Near the end of the Keener eara, the Partridge Family program was hot on Television and David Cassidy’s “I Think I Love You” and “It’s One of Those Nights” were top ten hits on the WKNR Music Guide. In this 1990 segment from Kelly and Company, a 1972 Keener Date with David promotion comes back […]

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  • Jerry Martin Honored with Carl Lee Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award

    Long time WKNR engieering ace Jerry Martin was one of two Michigan broadcasters to be honored with The Michigan Association of Broadcasters Carl Lee Broadcast Engineering Excellence Award. Jerry began his career as a radio engineer in 1946, assisting in the construction of Keener’s predecessor, WKMH and holds the distinction of being the second employee […]

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