• Wally Phillips – Chicago’s Radio Superstar

    For someone who grew up listening to J.P. McCarthy on WJR, tuning into Wally Phillips‘ shtick on Chicago’s WGN probably felt like entering an alternate universe. Whereas J.P. Was always urbane and on the level, it was anybody’s guess where Wally might take the listener. Whether it was breaking news or pranking Pavarotti, anything could […]

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  • Gary Berko’s New Oldies Station

    Let’s face it. It’s nearly impossible to create great radio in the age of homogenization. But if anybody can come close, its Detroits best consultant, Gary Berkowitz. Take a listen to Oldies 92.5 to see how he works his magic on the Florida Gulf Coast.

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  • The Real 5th Beatle Passes

    Murray the K often got the moniker, but it was a former accountant turned road manager that truely became?”the 5th Beatle”. Niel Aspinall, who died on March 23rd, pre-dated Ringo in his relationship with the band became one of the Beatles’ most powerful behind the scenes forces. He is credited with collating?the celebrity pictures for […]

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  • Beatle Bootleg Stirs Lawsuit

    A 1962 recording, purported to be the first of the fab four with Ringo at the drums, has the Beatles at odds with a Miami record company.

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  • Hanoi, Hendrix and the National Anthem

    In March of 1971, we were still in Vietnam.?Radio Hanoi sought to tweak US public opinion by having Hanoi Hannah play The Star Spangled Banner as performed by Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock. Their hope of angering Amrerica backfired and Jimi’s version became a hit on?underground radio stations across the country including WKNR-FM. Down I-94 in […]

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  • Mickey turns 63. We must be getting old, too.

    Jack Benny stopped counting his birthdays at age 39 and seemed to remain locked in time at that magic number. When the Monkees‘ Mickey Dolenz turned 63 on March 8, it was another reminder that, while the music of the Keener era stays the same, time marches on. Mickey was the only one of the […]

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  • Detroit voice on display

    6 icons of the airwaves are on display at the Detroit Historical Museum, including WKNR alum Dick Purtan. DP is honored, along with Bob Allison, Sonny Eliot, Ernie Harwell, JP McCarthy and Martha Jean “The Queen” Steinberg in a display of sight and sound entitled “Detroits Classic Radio Voices”. Here’s more from Susan Whitall at […]

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  • Remembering Hurricane Smith

    He was a one hit wonder as a singer in 1973, but Norm “Hurricane” Smith had a subtle but powerful influence on the Keener sound as the guy who turned the dials for 180 Beatle recordings. As an engineer at EMI, he worked closely with George Martin to create the unique sound that launched Liverpool […]

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  • Keener Lives in Ohio

    Frank Hartge is one of our most dedicated Keenerfans. He’s my Ebay agent, with an eye out for anything on that site connected to WKNR. And he’s probably the only person in the state of Ohio with his own personal Keener license plates. “The DMV wouldn’t let me use the actual call letters, so I […]

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