• Its about The Brand

    Beyond the haircuts, one of the distinctive visuals associated with the Beatles is the logo that adorned Ringo’s Ludwig drum kit. Brian Epstein was an early believer in the holistic approach to rock n roll branding. The hair, the suits, the boots, the guitars, the drums and the logo all contributed to the total Beatle […]

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  • Gordy Blvd is Grand

    Motown royalty gathered in Detroit to celebrate the renaming of a section of Grand Avenue in honor of founder Berry Gordy, Jr. Susan Whitall covers the names and faces who attended.

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  • Aretha’s Atlantic “Rejects”

    Contact News reporter Bob Berry says: Even though she grew up in Detroit Aretha Franklin’s most productive years happend during her association with Atlantic Records. Terry Lawson notes that even the rejects from those years are classics. Aretha Franklin: Rare & Unreleased Recordings from the Golden Reign of the Queen of Soul ($19.95) features 35 […]

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