• Keener’s Secret Sauce

    By Steve Schram & Scott WestermanThere has been a lot of discussion on the blogs lately about what made 60s Top 40 radio rock. The buzz around the on-air reunions at WLS, WQXI, et al, attests to the continuing connection listeners have with the radio stations they grew up with. That’s something that’s clearly not […]

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  • Beatle B-Sides

    By Scott Westerman – Keener13.comAfter reading John Colapinto’s fascinating New Yorker article, When I’m 64, Paul? McCartney Then and Now, I was inspired to look over my Beatle 45 collection to see what tunes were on the flip sides of their American singles during the Keener era. 1963: I Saw Her Standing There?- 1964: You […]

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  • Keener on Facebook, Twitter

    Back in the 60s, putting the Keener brand on multiple platforms included matchbooks, pens and music guides. Today, there are Keenerfans all across the Internet. People are viewing this site from cell phones. Bob Green has an aircheck collection over at that brings visitors our way. And now we’ve set up Keener sites on […]

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  • How did WKNR touch your life?

    Over 40 years after WKNR made its debut, people still remember how Keener touched their lives. In the last week alone, we’ve received a dozen Keener inquiries and some fresh fodder for the Keener Memory Page. How did “The Station that Knows Detroit” effect you? What were you doing when you listened to WKNR? What […]

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  • D-Day showcased network news at its best.

    It was a question of where and when. In 1944, the Germans knew that the allies had massed the greatest armada in modern times on the British isles and that it was only a matter of time until they made the jump to start a second front on the coast of France. But where and […]

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  • Paul Christy Dies at 69

    Another Keener connection closed this week when Paul Christy passed away at age 69. Born Paul Christides, Christy was on air during Top 40 radio’s prime, gaining notoriety at WCFL in Chicago before turning his attention to programming. He put his mark on WCAR, WABX and WMXD in Detroit. But Keenerfans will remember his collaboration […]

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  • What made WLS rock?

    On Memorial Day, 2007, many of the announcers and newsfolk who were part of the WLS dynasty in the late 60s and 70s returned to the Big 89 for a one-day rewind. It was enjoyable listening, ala Keener’s rebirth during the Woodward Dream Cruises of 2002 and 2003, and it made us ponder our perennial […]

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  • Turns 5

    Five years ago, on the eve of the 35th anniversary of the release of the Sgt. Pepper LP, and three decades after WKNR faded into history, Steve Schram and Scott Westerman launched Here’s the story of how the site that celebrates Detroits greatest rock and roll radio station came to be.

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