• The Keener Podcast – 5/28/05

    A Memorial Day salute to the troops with love letters from Richie Havens and Carly Simon. Plus Keener Quickies, a pair of songs that had brief runs on the WKNR Music Guide, featuring Tommy Reynolds before Hamilton and Joe Frank and a fogotten member of the cast of Hair. We do another Keener Music Quiz […]

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  • The Keener Podcast – 5/21/05

    We answer a request for a 1969 hit from the Newbeats. Jerry Trowbfidge (PBCLiberal) celebrates the 50th birthday of NBC’s ground breaking Monitor program. What makes a great podcast? We learn the formula from Reel Reviews host Michael Geoghegan and play Keener rarities from Bob Seger and Ted Nugent. Hear the show 23:30 22MB MP3

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  • The Keener Podcast – 5/14/05

    Success breeds imitation. This week we look at how the Keener sound was exported to WKHM, WTRX, CHUM and others, using the vocal talents of Bob Green, Jerry Goodwin, Ted Clark and Scott Regen. Also, shouts to Adam Curry’s Sirius debut, Todd Cochran’s new Podcasting book and Mike Wendland’s Freepcast. Plus, music from Detroiter Andre […]

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