• The Keener Podcast – 2/26/05

    On this week’s Keener13 Podcast, a celebration of 1966 with a Motown Monday segment featuring the Four Tops, Levi Stubbs’ fears about recording “Reach Out”, Cody Hanson’s Vinyl Podcast, and J. Michael Wilson on Keener from the week of November 14.

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  • The Keener Podcast – 02/19/05

    This week, its an all jingle extravaganza with a montage of logos from yesterday and today and our exclusive interview with jingle preservationist Ken R. The Link List:KenR.comJingles.comReelWorld.comTM Century

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  • The Keener Podcast – 2/13/05

    We received an email recently from a faithful Keener Podcast listener asking to hear un-edited air check material, to get a feel for what Keener really sounded like. So on this week’s show, that’s just what you’ll hear. All Keener Music and all Keener DJs, including J. Michael Wilson, Swingin Sweeney, Dick Purtan, Jerry Goodwin, […]

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  • Keener Podcast – 2/5/05

    On This week’s Keener13 Podcast, farewell to Dean Wormer, The Yarbirds sell Chevys,Susan Whitall talks about Russ, Paul and reunions. The Wilson Sisters sing in Vegas with Al and the Boys. We answer a Keener Q&A: What was the first major studio to produce a prime time cartoon for network television? We meet Sondra Lowell, […]

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