• Happy Birthday, Tom Lehrer

    Dr. Demento called him, “the best musical satirist of the twentieth century. Randy Newman and “Weird Al” Yankovic are huge fans. His 1965 LP with music from the NBC TV series “That Was the Week That Was” is a prized possession for many Keener fans who were discovering their social consciousness. Tom Lehrer was born […]

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  • Opening Day!

    Did you know: That the Detroit Tigers flagship station was once WKNR’s predecessor, WKMH? Station owner, Fred Knorr was also part owner of the Tigers and during the last years of his life Keener was the Motor City home for Tiger Baseball. Who among us who grew up in Detroit in the Keener era can […]

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  • Petula Clark’s historic television moment

    On this date in 1968, “Petula”, airs on NBC. Petula Clark’s one and only TV special features guest star Harry Belafonte performing a duet of the British pop sensation’s antiwar song, “On The Path Of Glory.” During taping, Clark spontaneously reached and touched Belafonte’s arm. This brought a protest from the show’s sponsor, Chrysler Corporation, […]

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  • Another danger of decadent capitalism: The Twist

    On this date in 1963, Russia’s official newspaper, Pravda, warns Soviet teens of the decadent dangers of the new “twist” dance craze. Chubby Checker’s biggest chart success was a worldwide sensation and was regularly heard behind the Iron Curtain on Radio Free Europe. Like most things your parents tell tell you not to do, the […]

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  • Look Homeward Angel – The Monarchs

    This week in 1964, “Look Homeward Angel” by the Monarchs was at Number 1 on the WKNR Music Guide. The Monarchs formed in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1961. Their one national hit reached number 47 on the Billboard Hot 100, but as was so often the case back in the day when radio stations were locally […]

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  • Keenerland Updates

    The Freep is reporting that a new Beatles exhibition is headed to Keenerland. “”The Magical History Tour: A Beatles Memorabilia Exhibition,” will run April 30-Sept. 18 at the Henry Ford Museum, “featuring artifacts and galleries tracing the Beatles’ trajectory from the band’s Liverpool origins up through the post-breakup days… Visitors can tour a mock-up of Liverpool’s […]

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  • Happy Birthday to the Jukebox

    By Bob Berry November 23, 1899, the world’s first jukebox was installed at San Francisco’s’ Palais Royal Hotel. My favorite jukebox, at the original Mr. Joe’s on Northwestern Highway in Southfield, was loaded with rock, pop, country, and American Songbook classics. And for a number of years in the early 70’s, and especially during the holidays, […]

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  • Sunday Brunch With Ray Charles

    By Bob Berry This weekend marks a major anniversary for one of the most beautiful songs in the Great American Songbook. It was November 14th, 1960 when Ray Charles’ version of Hoagy Carmichael (music) and Stuart Gorrell’s (lyrics) “Georgia On My Mind” hit Number One. Written in 1930, the song had long since become a standard, but […]

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  • A Friday Song Double Shot

    By Bob Berry I’m “..not too proud to shout it, tell the world about it..”, “This Old Heart of Mine” is one of the Motown copyrights I truly love. Written by Holland-Dozier-Holland, with Sylvia Moy ( co-writer of Uptight, I Was Made To Love Her, It Takes Two and others), there’s just something about that song. The […]

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  • #TBT With Donna Summer

    By Bob Berry It’s an astounding song, really. Lyrics, “…someone left a cake out out in the rain…” that are at once allusive and elusive. A song-poetry, really, built in 4 sections, or movements, much like a classical composition. And, it was 7 minutes long in it’s original form. And yet, Jimmy Webb’s “MacArthur Park”, […]

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