• How Keener Covered the Summer of ’67

    It began with a raid on an unlicensed after hours bar, “a blind pig” in the parlance of that time. 5 days later 43 had died, nearly 1,200 were injured, over 2,000 buildings had burned and more than 7,000 were arrested. It became known as the 1967 12th Street Riot (#Rebellion67 is the hash tag being […]

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  • Turns 15!

    In June of 2002, Steve Schram and Scott Westerman were doing what they loved best: Staying up late and listening to WKNR airchecks. It was a habit that began when they first met at Michigan State University in the ’70s, but, as individuals their love for Keener had taken root a decade earlier, on that […]

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  • Remebering Swingin Sweeney

    By Scott Westerman The Red Eye Grille straddles the northwest corner of 7th avenue and 59th street in New York City. It’s just blocks from the Ed Sullivan Theater where Letterman and Colbert performed and a short walk to the heart of Broadway.  In the summer of 2014 it was the home for a […]

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  • The Keener Top 113 All Time Leading Hits 1956-1968

    Remember how Keener used to play special programming on holiday weekends? Rock-u-mentaries were common on Top 40 stations back in the day. The History of Rock and Roll, Aural histories of the Beatles, the Stones, Elvis, and Motown, each of these topics were fodder for extended attention, especially over those long weekends when the DJs took time off […]

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  • Yes, we really did listen to music that way..

    Some of us may have actually had an encounter like this. In an age where music magically appears on a smart device, it’s hard for some youngsters to believe that, once upon a time, we spent our money on expensive electronics that used a revolving flat plastic disc to render our favorite songs. If your […]

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  • Beatles on a Train

    On March 11, 1964 The Beatles film the “I Should Have Known Better” segment of the film, A Hard Day’s Night, on a London soundstage configured to look like the inside of a railroad train. Here’s the segment (subtitled en Espanol).

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  • Sunday Brunch with Sonny and Cher

    On March 10, 1967 James Bond and the secret agent craze are at their peak. Sonny and Cher guest star as “Jerry and Ramona” on the “The Hot Number Affair” episode of NBC-TV’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E. The pop duo play garment-center employees who are swept up in a frantic quest for a THRUSH world-conquest report, […]

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  • Happy Birthday, Tom Lehrer

    Dr. Demento called him, “the best musical satirist of the twentieth century. Randy Newman and “Weird Al” Yankovic are huge fans. His 1965 LP with music from the NBC TV series “That Was the Week That Was” is a prized possession for many Keener fans who were discovering their social consciousness. Tom Lehrer was born […]

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  • Opening Day!

    Did you know: That the Detroit Tigers flagship station was once WKNR’s predecessor, WKMH? Station owner, Fred Knorr was also part owner of the Tigers and during the last years of his life Keener was the Motor City home for Tiger Baseball. Who among us who grew up in Detroit in the Keener era can […]

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  • Petula Clark’s historic television moment

    On this date in 1968, “Petula”, airs on NBC. Petula Clark’s one and only TV special features guest star Harry Belafonte performing a duet of the British pop sensation’s antiwar song, “On The Path Of Glory.” During taping, Clark spontaneously reached and touched Belafonte’s arm. This brought a protest from the show’s sponsor, Chrysler Corporation, […]

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